Game Dates Russia 2018

Game Dates Russia 2018. The big event is coming now, and we have everything to be excited about beforehand, even way back at early 2017 most people around the world were already in cahoots for what’s going too happened, what might occur, and what could be, at this year World Cup, on Russia 2018.

Game Dates Russia 2018

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If you are the kind of person who will enjoy the live games at home, with the big comfort of a soft sofa and a big wide TV, then it is a MUST for you to have clear knowledge of the dates of all games, favorites or not.

Try not to miss any game since surprises are almost a certainty throughout the whole month, here you have all dates to each game going down during the World Cup:

06/14 Russia v Saudi Arabia Moscow – Luzhniki
06/15 Egypt v Uruguay Ekaterinburg
06/15 Portugal v Spain Sochi
06/15 Morocco v Iran Saint Petersburg
06/16 France v Australia Kazan
06/16 Peru v Denmark Saransk
06/16 Argentina v Iceland Moscow – SpartakStdm
06/16 Croatia v Nigeria Kaliningrad
06/17 Brazil v Switzerland Rostov-on-Don
06/17 Costa Rica v Serbia Samara
06/17 Germany v Mexico Moscow – Luzhniki
06/18 Sweden v South Korea NizhnyNovgorod
06/18 Belgium v Panama Sochi
06/18 Tunisia v England Volgograd
06/19 Poland v Senegal Moscow – SpartakStdm
06/19 Colombia v Japan Saransk
06/19 Russia v Egypt Saint Petersburg
06/20 Uruguay v Saudi Arabia Rostov-on-Don
06/20 Portugal v Morocco Moscow – Luzhniki
06/20 Iran v Spain Kazan
06/21 France v Peru Ekaterinburg
06/21 Denmark v Australia Samara
06/21 Argentina v Croatia NizhnyNovgorod
06/22 Nigeria v Iceland Volgograd
06/22 Brazil v Costa Rica Saint Petersburg
06/22 Serbia v Switzerland Kaliningrad
06/23 Germany v Sweden Sochi
06/23 South Korea v Mexico Rostov-on-Don
06/23 Belgium v Tunisia Moscow – SpartakStdm
06/24 England v Panama NizhnyNovgorod
06/24 Poland v Colombia Kazan
06/24 Japan v Senegal Ekaterinburg
06/25 Uruguay v Russia Samara
06/25 Saudi Arabia v Egypt Volgograd
06/25 Iran v Portugal Saransk
06/25 Spain v Morocco Kaliningrad
06/26 Denmark v France Moscow – Luzhniki
06/26 Australia v Peru Sochi
06/26 Nigeria v Argentina Saint Petersburg
06/26 Iceland v Croatia Rostov-on-Don
06/27 Serbia v Brazil Moscow – SpartakStdm
06/27 Switzerland v Costa Rica NizhnyNovgorod
06/27 South Korea v Germany Kazan
06/27 Mexico v Sweden Ekaterinburg
06/28 England v Belgium Kaliningrad
06/28 Panama v Tunisia Saransk
06/28 Japan v Poland Volgograd
06/28 Senegal v Colombia Samara
Game Dates Russia 2018
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