The England T-Shirt for Russia 2018

The Three Lions have presented in society the new official shirt for the World Cup Russia 2018

The official team and the alternative return to the white classic with blue pants for the first and red for the second.

The England football national team has usually played with a white shirt with blue pants, however its best historical match

The final of the 1966 world cup against Germany played red, at the moment the only World Cup that inventors have won of soccer.

The sports kit of England for the 2018 World Cup was made by the sports firm Nike

It has a traditional and quite retro look, very similar to what was used in the 1966 World Cup and also in Mexico 1970.

It left behind the unpopular shirt used in The 2016 Euro Cup where they were historically defeated by Iceland

Now goes back to the origins.

The shirt of England has a rosette on the inside of the shirt, this rose refers to the English rose.

england t shirt 2018

The kit consists of a white shirt, with navy blue pants with white lines; the numbers of the players are in red, as for the red shirt (the one of visitor) we can see that the set of shirt and stockings is red whereas the shorts are of white color like the numbers of the player.

red england t shirt

The England T-Shirt for Russia 2018
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