Match Calendar for Mexico

Match Calendar for Mexico. It was previously speculated that Mexico wouldn’t pass over the qualifiers period, the social situation at Mexico during the past few years is believed to have affected the goals regarding sports and other areas, nevertheless such collective though was beaten down because in the end the team went through and qualify. Although that does not mean it has it easy from point A to B when the World Cup 2018 starts at June, oh no, because they share the lines of Group F with none other than former and current champion of the FIFA’s Tournament, Germany.

Match Calendar for Mexico

Match Calendar for Mexico

Germany, Mexico, Sweden and South Korea; that’s the four teams that integrate Group F; people wonder if the line-up was intentional, to put it together that way, or just the way the system works; but if we think about it, what better way to prove themselves from the beginning than, going against Germany and holding strong, scoring some big important points to climb fast and well the stairs to the next phase.

Mexico’s first phase

Now, who is facing Mexico for the matches of this phase?

The first game is none other than Germany vs Mexico, to be played at the 17th of June, 3 before the premiere of the World Cup, at Moscow, Luzhniki Stadium, 16:00pm. Nobody is keeping their seats for this one, an exciting match for sure.

It follows, South Korea against Mexico on the 23th of June, in the Rostov-on-Don city, at 21:00pm. How will South Korea perform this year? Nobody knows, but Mexico should be on the lookout for this one, since it could surprise everyone like it did on past World Cups around 1990 and the beginning of 2000.

And for closing the first phase, a match to please will be passing by the eyes of endless supporters of the center-American country; Mexico will face off Sweden, at theEkaterinburg arena, 15:00pm.

Match Calendar for Mexico
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