How to buy tickets for Russia 2018 World Cup?

Tickets for Russia 2018 World Cup. The official announcement was that sale dates would begin at Thursday, September 14th, and so it was, till the 16th of November and the expanded closure till the 28th, date that concluded the first phase of sales for the Russia 2018 World Cup that’s going to take place at June 14th; tickets are bought like usual on, on the tickets section of the website, giving the option of buying particular sets of ticket packages with multiple matches regarding the team or city.

Tickets for Russia 2018 World Cup

How to buy tickets

There was a second phase of ticket sales that begun from December 5th till the last day of January. This one had an extension or “second part” that will start on March the 13th and conclude on April 3rd; nevertheless since many people rush in to get last minute sales for everything, including such big events like this one.

The run will cover basically the whole event, and a prelude set of weeks, from April 18th till the last day of the World Cup, the finale, July 15th.

That is such a level of consideration and also a market strategy that will try to ensure a solid number for sales, in order to keep money and economy performance sustainable throughout the whole ordeal.

Now, the factor of relevance: How much does World Cup tickets costs?

Depending on which match are we talking about, there are 4 categories if we talk about sections for watching the games; here you have all price ranges to get your tickets right away or save till your desired match to watch:

Opening Match – From 60 to 600 USD

Group Matches – 23 to 229 USD

Round of 16 – 30 to 267 USD

Quarter Finals – 80 to 397 USD

Semi Finals – 83 to 814 USD

Third Place Play Off–80 to 397 USD

Finale–130 to 1195 USD

How to buy tickets for Russia 2018 World Cup?
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